Home Additions

When you consider an addition, consider the final outcome of added space, and value, to your home. VZ Custom Homes does all variety of home additions such as libraries, offices, garages, wine cellars, game rooms, sun rooms, even additional floors! A home addition is a great investment, and an important decision to make; therefore your home addition should be done the right way. Our expert team is well informed on local building codes in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville, Milton and other cities nearby, ensuring that your home addition does not violate any city laws. We can build upwards or outwards, and will work with you during every step of your home addition plan and process.

Home Partitions

Erecting partitions in your home can serve a variety of purposes, and they’re a cost effective way to make changes to your living space without having to invest in more costly renovations. Partitions can be used to separate a large room into smaller ones, or to provide privacy. A wide range of materials such as wood, glass, beads and others can be used to construct partitions. Contact VZ Custom Homes today for all your home partition needs. One of our expert consultants will visit you for a free quote on your home partitions project.