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These are five important factors that we at VZ Custom Homes take into consideration when first meeting with you to discuss your custom home building, or home renovation, project. Our company name is synonymous with luxury homes, so we provide you, our much-appreciated home buyer or home owner, with results that far exceed your expectations. VZ Custom Homes stands for extraordinary design and exceptional craftsmanship, and we work with only the finest team of custom home building and renovating professionals in the industry, so as to ensure that our outstanding reputation continues to precede us. For over 20 years, our visionary project managers, creative designers, capable engineers and specialty tradespeople have worked with us, and with you, to build or renovate the home you and your family have always wanted!

Each and every one of our custom home building or renovation projects emanates stunning artistry and solid craftsmanship, producing one-of-a-kind environments for our clients to experience for themselves, as their very own. At VZ Custom Homes, we work in close partnership with you, our client, to accommodate custom solutions for any request you make, no matter how small or large. As home builders, our expert team loves surmounting challenges, and we achieve this by working collectively and innovatively with the professionals with whom we couldn’t build your custom home, or renovate your existing home, without! We also rely on you, listening attentively to your input, and strive to follow through on your needs and concerns until you are completely satisfied with our efforts.

Endeavouring to provide all of our clients in Burlington, Milton, Hamilton and Oakville, Ontario with a phenomenal custom home-building or home-renovating experience is one of the many things we do best. The pros at VZ Custom Homes build beautiful homes that feature dateless design and high-caliber composition, and we complete impressive home renovation projects with precision mastery and timing. Our command of the industry, combined with our business insight and 20+ years of custom home building and renovation experience, reinforces our ability to provide you with the highest standard of quality and service. Our portfolio of award-winning homes is a great source of inspiration, motivating you to aim for the custom built or renovated home that you have always desired, and deserve. Allow VZ Custom Homes to help you turn your dreams into reality; allow us to create a custom home that is uniquely tailored to your individual style, resulting in an inviting atmosphere in which you and your family can relax, have fun, and build cherished memories. We invite you to visit our Renovations Services and Custom Homes pages, or give us a call, to find out more about how VZ Custom Homes can work with you to achieve your custom home building or renovation aspirations!

For superior custom home builder in the Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton and surrounding cities, call VZ Custom Homes today!

What Our Clients Say

  • Samantha R.

    "We are so glad that we decided to get our home renovated by VZ Custom Homes. A friend referred me to Vojtech and she told me that they were one of the best home renovators in the area! My home just didn’t feel right for the longest time and after scheduling a consultation with you guys, I knew I made the right decision because it finally feels like home now. I asked for a kitchen renovation and living room renovation and VZ Custom Homes delivered with excellent service and quality! The new look is very refreshing and goes along with the theme of my home. Thanks so much for the work put into my home renovation and keep up the good work!"

  • Teresa D.

    "The service from VZ Custom Homes was awesome and the team of contractors helped me pick the best layout for my custom built home. Everyone was very kind and offered their advice as well as suggestions. I am very grateful for the effort that you guys put into making my home renovation one of the best. I especially loved the basement renovation. It is now very spacious but feels cozy at the same time. The renovations were a success and I am more than satisfied with the final results. Overall, it was worth every penny that I put into making my home feel right for me."

  • Paul S.

    "I truly appreciate the great work that was put into our home renovations. I am very happy with the way things turned out and I enjoyed the experience with VZ Custom Homes. The bathroom renovations were especially phenomenal because they were all similar, but your team made each bathroom unique in its own way. The layout and design were very well chosen by professionals who knew what they were doing. In addition, the laundry room renovations were also a success. The whole house now has a sense of unity thanks to VZ Custom Homes. A good experience, and I highly recommend your services to anyone looking for a custom built home or renovation."

  • Alex M.

    "My custom built home was designed from scratch with the help of VZ Custom Homes. I have never seen such amazing results from any other home renovation or building company in the past. Many things like the service, quality, creativity, dedication, and passion all played a role in making this major home renovation possible. In addition, I appreciated the kitchen renovation and basement renovation because it did look a little plain and simple, but I did not have to worry about that at all because you guys took care of it. My family is very proud and grateful to VZ Custom Homes and it was everything that we dreamed it to be. Thanks again for the wonderful commitment to this project and the exceptional effort from your team!"

  • Kim C.

    "I am very pleased with the way the living room turned out! It looks very modern and fits the theme of my home. Well done on the living room renovation because it looks fantastic. I also really loved that for the kitchen renovation, the countertop and wall tiles were both marble, very cool! Overall, thank you for a wonderful job on my home renovations. Everything about VZ Custom Homes is great; the excellent service, quality work, and a very passionate team. I had a great experience and now I get to enjoy the beauty of my home! Thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to neighbours, friends and family!"